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Preserve the past, conserve the present and give the future a better chance

Green Line's mission is to promote environmental awareness and document environmental threats in order to better confront them, thus introducing change at the community level within the concept of sustainable development.
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National workshop

Practical options for wind energy generation

Gefinor Rotana Hotel, Beirut
20 December 2008



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ورشة عمل حول
الخيارات العملية في إنتاج الطاقة الهوائية

فندق جفينور روتانا، بيروت
 20 كانون الأول 2008



regional workshop

"Food Sovereignty vs. Free Trade - Towards an Alternative Multilateral Agricultural Governance Framework"

at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Beirut
from 5-6 December 2008

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Workshop Report Coming Soon.

View videos of the renewable energy campaign in Lebanon:

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Promoting Renewable Energies in Lebanon through Awareness and Lobbying for Legal Reform
Green Line Association is currently undergoing a project entitled “Promoting Renewable Energies in Lebanon through Awareness and Lobbying for Legal Reform” with the support of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Middle East Office...Read more


Promoting the Domestication and Culture of Aromatic and Edible Wild Plants in the Hermel and Shmostar areas
The Hermel Region is a highly deprived area in Lebanon which has been characterised historically as an outlaw area. The local population resorted to illicit crops for at least two decades that ended up with the end of the civil war. Several international projects attempted to provide a good replacement for illicit crop culture and trade with a limited success. The result was a collapse in a booming local economy and increased migration from the region towards the cities... Read More


Enhancing the Productivity and Market Opportunities for Small Ruminant farmers in the Nabatieh Region
The Israeli aggression against Lebanon in July 2006 has severely affected not only the infrastructure but also the livelihoods of rural communities especially farmers, that were already extremely vulnerable due to the absence of a governmental policy and commitment towards the agricultural sector… Read More


The Use of Banned Weapons by Israeli Military on Lebanon (July-August 2006)
During the July-August 2006 war on Lebanon, the Israeli army used a wide variety of weapons and ammunition. The tremendous destruction of infrastructure, testimonies of burned bodies from hospitals and huge craters observed in bombarded areas have strengthened the assumption and belief that unusual types of weapons were used. The use of Uranium (depleted or un-depleted) loaded ammunition was one serious hypothesis that needed to be tested since Uranium is a very heavy radio-active material, toxic and extremely dangerous on health and the environment. The reason behind the suspicion is that most modern air-surface bombs contain some kind of heavy metal such as Depleted Uranium or Tungsten in their explosive heads to increase their penetration and destruction capability….Read More


Oil Spill Campaign
The ongoing Israeli-US aggression against Lebanon did not only intentionally target civilians and destroy infrastructure; it also attacked the country’s natural environment. During the first days of the war, an Israeli air raid on the Jiyyeh electrical power plant resulted in spilling 15,000 tons of heavy fuel oil into the Mediterranean and the burning of about 25,000 tons. Hitting more than 100 km of the Lebanese coast, more than 50 km of the Syrian coast and still moving Northwards, this spill could be considered as one of the largest environmental disasters in the Mediterranean history. Turkish, Cypriot and Greek coasts are at high risk of being hit by the spill…



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