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The Daily Star

South suffers new invasion by quarries Profiteers waste no time ­ and Interior Ministry helps them

Reem Haddad ,
Daily Star staff

Just a month after the South was liberated, the ugly sights of quarrying have already sprung up around several villages. The rich, clean, untouched sand and rocks have caught the eyes of many profiteers who, it seems, were granted quarrying licenses by the Interior Ministry almost as soon as Israeli occupation forces moved out. For truck drivers like Mohammed Safa, who travels throughout the country looking for sand, the new quarries are great news. He makes his living by purchasing, selling, and stocking sand. “I have more choices of where to go now,” he said.


The Daily Star

Angry Jezzine laments quarry devastation

Zayan Khalil
Daily Star staff

The people of Jezzine are worried that their lush scenic countryside will soon cease to exist because excessive sand quarrying and excavation in the area is depleting its green hills and mountains, and areas containing rare plants.
Environmental activists asked by residents to assess the extent of the damage believe their concerns are completely justified.
“That's how the mountains were before quarrying and sand excavations began,” said Salman Abbas, an activist, as he pointed to photographs of dense forest. “And that's how devastated they are now,” he added, illustrating the damage with pictures of bare hills and newly opened service roads through the forests.